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Cylinder Filling Station

Absolute Propane operates a cylinder filling station at 15100 Debba Drive open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm. Centrally located for Lakeway, Bee Cave, and West Austin customers we welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.

AP - Cylinder Filling Station

Whether your cylinder originally came from an exchange cage, another propane service company, or was purchased new, Absolute Propane can refill your cylinder. We also sell new cylinders, valves, hoses, fittings and regulators at competitive prices as an added convenience to our customers. If you buy a cylinder from us, we purge to Texas Railroad Commission standards at no additional cost. If you purchased your cylinder elsewhere, we charge a nominal $5.00 fee for this service. We also offer home and business collection and delivery service should you prefer to let us handle the logistics for you. As an added value to our customers, we offer a loyalty program label that when affixed to your cylinder saves you $1.00 each and every time you return for a refill. Our way of saying "Thank You" each and every time you visit us.

Absolute Propane
Propane Pricing
Effective 01-January-2010
Category Price Unit
Mobile Fuel & RV's $2.75 per gallon
5 lb cylinder $5.00 per cylinder
10 lb cylinder $11.00 per cylinder
20 lb cylinder (BBQ) $16.00 per cylinder
30 lb cylinder $23.00 per cylinder
33-1/2 lb cylinder (forklift) $24.00 per cylinder
40 lb cylinder $31.00 per cylinder
44-1/2 lb cylinder (forklift) $33.00 per cylinder
50 lb cylinder $38.00 per cylinder
60 lb cylinder $45.00 per cylinder
100 lb cylinder $76.00 per cylinder

Cylinder Safety

Your safety is our #1 concern, so please be aware of the following requirements when filling a cylinder:
  • An overfill Prevention Device (OPD) is required on all vertical cylinders between 4 lbs and 40 lbs. An OPD is a specially designed float device that prevents accidental overfilling which can lead to undesirable gas venting. An OPD valve also prevents the flow of propane when a hose and regulator assembly is not connected. For more information, please visit the National Fire Protection Association at
  • Cylinders older than 12 years from manufacture date are expired and cannot be filled unless they have been re-certified and stamped with a new date followed by the letter "E". This date means the cylinder is qualified for an additional five years.
  • Cylinders must be equipped with a collar around the valve, affixed with a secured foot ring, and must be in good condition.
  • Always transport vapor service cylinders in the vertical upright position. In the event of a pressure release, it is far safer for vapor propane to escape than allowing liquid propane release which expands at 270 times that of vapor as well as flash freezing anything making contact.

Propane Cylinder Transportation
  • Always transport cylinders in an upright and secure position. Never allow cylinder to roll around.
  • Minimize transit time with a cylinder. Absolute Propane is pleased to accept a cylinder drop off so that a customer may return on the way home to collect the filled cylinder minimizing transit time.
  • Do not allow smoking in the vehicle in which the cylinder is being transported.
  • The maximum number of cylinders that can be transported is 90 lbs (eg. 4 gas grill BBQ bottles of 20lbs each) by regulatory statute.
Propane Cylinder Storage and Use
  • Never store cylinders indoors, in the garage, or enclosed areas. Store cylinders outdoors in the event of a leak and preferably in a shaded area
  • Remember, if the cylinder is exposed to heat or sun, it will get hot and the pressure will rise potentially resulting in the relief valve venting propane vapor
  • Always store cylinders away from flame and heat
  • Close valve tightly when not in use
  • Use only on appliances and grills approved for propane
  • Check cylinder and line connections periodically for integrity
  • Check for leaks using detergent or soapy water - never use a match or flame. Absolute Propane can offer customers special leak check fluid or a special service call with electronic detection instruments if a leak is suspected.
Propane Cylinder Warning Label
  • Do not remove, discard, or deface the cylinder warning label.
  • Absolute Propane can provide you a free replacement label in the event yours becomes damaged or unreadable
Know the Hazards
  • Know the odor of LP-Gas. If you hear, see or smell leaking LP-Gas, immediately get everyone away from the cylinder and call the Fire Department. Do not attempt repairs.
  • Be certain cylinder is purged of trapped air prior to first filling. Be sure to tell the attendant at Absolute Propane the cylinder is new so that a proper 3 cycle purge procedure can safely remove any trapped air and to odorize the cylinder steel/aluminum.
  • LP-Gas is heavier than air and may settle in low places while dissipating.
  • Atmospheric release of liquid propane will freeze burn skin upon contact - always wear gloves when handling cylinders as a precaution.
  • Do not allow children to tamper or play with cylinders.
  • When not connected for use, keep cylinder valve turned off. Self contained outdoor cooking appliances shall be limited to a cylinder of 20 lb. capacity or less.
  • Do not use, store or transport cylinder where it would be exposed to high temperatures. Relief valve may open allowing a large amount of flammable gas to escape.
  • When transporting, keep cylinder secured in an upright position with cylinder valve turned off.
When Connecting For Use:
  • Use only in compliance with applicable codes.
  • Read and follow manufacturers' instructions.
  • Consult manufacturers' instructions concerning the cylinder connection provided with your appliance.
  • Be sure regulator vent is not pointing up, it should always be pointed down.
  • Turn off all valves on the appliance.
  • Do not check for gas leaks with a match or open flame. Apply soapy water or leak check fluid from Absolute Propane. Open cylinder valve. If bubbles appear, close valve and have Absolute Propane make needed repairs. Also check appliance valves and connections to make sure they do not leak before lighting appliance.
  • Light appliance(s) following manufacturers' instructions.
  • When appliance is not in use, keep cylinder valve closed.

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