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LPG Storage & Distribution

Absolute Propane will assist you in selecting the right components for your LP-gas storage and distribution system. Properly sizing containers (tanks and/or cylinders), regulators, piping/tubing, and determining optimum system layout are fundamental to a successful, safe, and long life design. Whether assisting an architect or builder in the early conceptual stage or an existing customer needing help with a remodel or addition, Absolute Propane can provide you guidance and recommendations for your project or leave the responsibility to us if you prefer a hassle free turnkey solution. A new installation is typically managed best with methodic planning broken into:
  • Understanding the propane system demand both now and into the future
  • Sizing and selecting the optimum propane container(s)
  • Selecting regulators of adequate capacity and of the correct type for the application
  • Optimizing the routing and sizing of distribution piping
  • Specifying the most suitable appliance valves and connections
Propane System Demand
Designing and sizing a propane storage and distribution system starts with an understanding of the overall system demand, generally referenced by the total Btu/hr with all appliances operating. If a homeowner believes there are possibilities for additions in the future such as a heated swimming pool, spa, hot-tub, greenhouse heating, etc. it is vitally important to discuss these with Absolute Propane. Electing to upsize piping and regulators during the build stage represents a small fraction of the cost to rectify under-sizing in the future.
Selecting the Optimum Propane Container(s)
Absolute Propane can offer a range of options including aboveground ASME tanks, Underground ASME tanks, or DOT stationary cylinders to store high pressure propane. Selecting the best supply container depends on appliance selections, total system demand, and customer preferences. As the heart of the system, it is crucial the storage selected can supply the required vaporization rate demanded by the system both today and in the future. Customers may not realize that an additional tank may need to be added to produce the required vaporization rate which could have been avoided if only a larger tank (or underground tank) were initially set.
Selecting Regulators
Regulators are mechanical devices used in propane vapor and liquid distribution systems to reduce high pressures to the levels required by consuming appliances. There are single stage regulation systems, integral "piggyback" two-stage systems, and multiple regulator "two-stage" systems from which to select for a given application. Absolute Propane can help you navigate through the pro's and con's associated with the technical requirements so that you make the most informed decision for your project.
Optimizing Distribution Piping
Under-sized piping can result in range ovens not baking properly, water heater pilot failures, deposits of soot and carbon, and shutdown of newer high-efficiency appliances equipped with low gas pressure sensing controls. Piping systems must be designed to deliver a supply pressure to appliances that is greater than the minimum pressure required for operation. It is almost always advantageous to 'up-size' the minimum piping requirement to ensure adequate gas supply can be provided both today and in future should more demand be placed on the system.

Absolute Propane is available to provide detailed guidance and support for your LP-gas project. We can liase with your builder or architect to ensure your system is sized correctly and operates in the safest and most efficient means possible. We are happy to provide a detailed installation estimate helping you understand how selections and specifications were made. We will also be with you during the construction and commissioning phases to ensure the system is professionally pressure tested, leak checked, and flow performance tested to give you peace of mind the job was done right.

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